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Featuring a 5500 lb. capacity, a 3" lowered height and exclusive 2-year warranty. The world famous TM 55 hand pallet truck has been totally redesigned to offer your customer the best hand pallet truck value available today.
Our TMS mobile scale truck is the perfect answer for today's fast paced weighing applications. Your customers can save time and money while weighing individual items, piece counting, or transporting loads up to 5000 lb. quickly and accurately.
Our EME 30 is the perfect power replacement for your customer hand pallet truck fleet. The EME with its compact deign and use of AC technology, makes horizontal transportation quick and easy.
The TMX is a high-lift hand truck with capacity of  2,000 lbs to the full lift height. This truck provides your customers with a safe, ergonomic solution for all of their production needs.
The TMXE is a powered high-lift hand truck with a capacity of 2,000 lbs and a maximum of 1,500 to the second stage. The powered lift eliminates operator fatigue and speeds up operations considerably. The TMXE is an ideal tool for lifting and lowering all types of materials and goods to a comfortable, more ergonomic work level.
The ELE is available in either a 3500 or 4500 pound capacity and is your best choice for most medium duty applications. Its compact design and technology, makes it perfectly suitable for horizontal transportation in narrow areas and for the loading and unloading of tractor trailers.
Our EJE 60 was specifically designed for heavier duty applications where up to 6000 lbs. of capacity is required. For lower pallet weights the EJE, as a result, provides very high capacity reserves especially for the intensive applications on ramps and in horizontal transportation.
The exciting Swift model stacker features a 2000 lb. capacity up to it's full height of either 62 or 79". Available in either a straddle or fork-over version, this extremely versatile powered lift can be used in applications from double stacking, to lift table operations.
Our redesigned 2200 lb. capacity stacker is now equipped with a separately excited motor, which provides several advantages such as controlled speed on ramps, zero rollback, and less maintenance
This 3500 lb. capacity stacker is available in lift heights up to 206" and offers your customers the latest in performance and design. Equipped with a separately excited motor, regenerative braking system, crawl speed button, and lift interrupt, the EJB is capable of handling virtually any application

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