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Ament Industrial Truck sells only the best in Lawn Care Equipment.

Blowers that set a standard for power, speed and quiet too

When it comes to that tough cleanup task, pros turn to the power and performance of Echo power blowers. Available in a variety of hand-held or backpack models, Echo blowers are sized to meet every landscaping need. At only 65 dB(A), the innovative PB-460LN, PB-230LN and PB-260L model blowers are ideal in locations where noise pollution is an issue. And for the most powerful backpack blower in the industry, pros turn to the PB-650 with over 210 mph and 650 cfm at the pipe.


PB-2100 Lightweight, easy-to-use, Echo's top selling hand-held blower.

Echo's top-of-the-line hand-held power blower, designed with professional in mind.


At 65 dB(A) per ANSI B175.2-1996 at wide open throttle, this model is noise-reduced without giving up power or performance.



The PB-260L, with its powerful, lightweight and quiet design, is a must for commercial landscapers and homeowners who need the power of a backback without carrying the weight.

Rugged and durable with its metal frame, metal fan housing and powerful engineÉthis unit is commercial tough.

Echo 44 cc powered blower provides dependable operation and exceptional comfort for quick and easy cleanups.

50% quieter Ñ 65 dB(A) per ANSI B175.2-1996 at wide open throttle, without giving up power or performance

Ideal for heavy-duty applications, this product provides the power and durability for the professional.

Echo's continued commitment to provideing lightweight, durable products is evident with this powerful model.

Echo's most powerful backpack blower with over 200 mph and over 600 cfm, there is nothing this model can't handle.

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