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Trackless Trolleys are a modern version of once prime people moving vehicles of the 1800's, the Trolley car. Over one hundred years later, the nostalgia of riding in a trolley has changed the way people view public transportation. Trolleys have even turned into a tourist attraction for many visitors from overseas. TRACKLESS TROLLEYS
Specialty Vehicles Trams are the perfect solution for moving high or low volumes of people from one location to another. Trams can be pulled by either a towing tug or a passenger seating Tram Power Car. Trams are an "ideal" People Moving solution. Specialty Vehicles Inc. is the leader in Tram Technology.



Some of the passenger accommodating features of Specialty Vehicle's trams are handicap accessibility equipment, public address audio system for tour operators, rain curtains, all weather removable walls, color graphics, and different fuel options of electric, gas, diesel, or LPG depending on the model selected. Just let us know your needs and we'll do our utmost to accomodate them!


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